Yoga Day 2020: Jolly Rathod shared her thoughts about Yoga!

Yoga Day 2020: Jolly Rathod shared her thoughts about Yoga!

Everyone is celebrating Yoga Day today and celebrities have taken to their social media platforms to spread awareness about the same. Amongst everyone, Dhollywood stars are also leaving no stone unturned to participate and create awareness on social media. The ‘Tari Maate Once More’ actress Jolly Rathod has shared a positive note on the occasion of Yoga Day.

Jolly Rathod says, “Yoga is what keeps me sane!! During this lockdown, I have succeeded in getting regular at yoga. It has made my body fitter than ever before. Also, my mind is calmer and a lot more positive since I have been practising yoga regularly. Yoga is a holistic approach toward complete physical and mental well being and I say this on the basis of my personal experience. I don’t think I would ever stop practising Yoga. An hour every day for the well being of your body and mind for a lifetime is an investment worth making!!”

Explaining the importance of yoga, Jolly added, “To maintain a balance between oneself and environment is necessary for every human. Despite nowadays greater emotional as well as physical needs are given more priority. This is a reason why people suffer more stress, anxiety and also insomnia which is mainly due to improper lifestyle and physical exercise. Therefore, we need methods and techniques for the attainment of health and harmony; in this respect, yoga acts as an aid to one’s health.

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