“दोस्त तुम्हारी बहुत याद आती है !” – in wonderful voice of Meet Jain.

“दोस्त तुम्हारी बहुत याद आती है !” – in wonderful voice of Meet Jain.

This lockdown days are going much hard for the friends who are always staying together in any kind of situation. Friends are someone for whom we are always ready to jump in any kind of situation. This lockdown had made a big gap between all those kind of friends. Due to lockdown, many amoung us are not able to meet their friends , family for a long period.

Our well-known singer Meet Jain , who is much popular for his own original composition, ‘Radha Khovay’, is also missing his friends and family during this quarantine. He had also played a role in a Gujarati film,’Bau Na Vichar’. Meet Jain was having good times with family during this lockdown. Recently , Meet Jain had given a beautiful composition in his own voice , ‘दोस्त तुम्हारी बहुत याद आती है !’ he dedicated to his to all his friends and loved onces who are away from him.

This beautiful composition is written by Anubhav Nayak and spoken by Meet Jain. He says ,” when for first time , i read this , I get much emotional , the words used in this poem were much deep they directly connect to our feelings. This composition is dedicated to all who are Missing their friends.” I must say , having friends like family is a blessing.”

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