Why UKIC online is the most loved educational portal among commerce students in Gujarat

Why UKIC online is the most loved educational portal among commerce students in Gujarat

Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce is one of the best commerce institutes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. UKIC is the dream Institute of Professor Dr. Udayan Kachchhy who wanted to create an organization which not only provides quality education in the field of commerce, but also makes it fun and interactive. Dr. Udayan Kachchhy has a Ph.D. in Accountancy and possesses an abundance of knowledge in commerce having written several books and research papers in this field. UKIC has been creating board rankers ever since the Institution has laid its foundation.
UKIC Online is a branch of UKIC which imparts knowledge and education through the internet. UKIC Online has been running for 2 years now and has established itself as one of the most reputed online educational portals. UKIC has its own platform to conduct online classes for commerce and doesn’t need any secondary medium to connect to its students.
Unlike the other online portals where you can access the lectures only once, the UKIC online offers you the comfort of re-watching sessions and lectures again. A lot of times due to connectivity errors, students may miss their online classes, and since these classes are live there is no way to re-watch them. Missing an important lecture can cause severe loss to a student’s education. At UKIC, all the lectures are recorded and then uploaded on their website, therefore, missing out on an important class is not a worry.
Learning at UKIC is fun and interactive which makes every student get involved. Various quizzes and seminars are conducted throughout the year. Students are given homework which are to be handwritten and uploaded on the UKIC online portal which are then reviewed by the educated UKIC professors. Students are provided with interactive pdf notes which can be accessed any time.
UKIC have been uploading lectures covering the syllabus of B. Com and BBA level on Youtube. These lectures can be watched by anyone regardless if they’re a student of UKIC or not. UKIC online was an initiative started 2 years ago with the hopes of providing the best online coaching for commerce to students who can’t physically come to the UKIC coaching centre due to distance or for any other reasons.
UKIC is the leading commerce coaching institute for CBSE as well as GSEB boards. For the last three years, UKIC has been producing toppers from both the boards.

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