Well-known actress Puja Joshi reveals her top 5 beauty secrets

Well-known actress Puja Joshi reveals her top 5 beauty secrets

Gujarati actress Puja Joshi known for many television serials and gujarati film ‘Aavuj Rehshe’, is not only known for her superb acting skills, but also for being flawlessly beautiful all the time! She is envied by many for her radiant skin. When she was asked the secret behind her glowing complexion, here are the 5 things she swears by :

  1. Drinking Water :
    Water is magic for glowing complexion. It clears out toxins from my body and also detoxifies my skin. I make sure to drink atleast 7-8 glasses of water everyday. I also try out a lot of detox waters, which are really helpful in flushing out the toxins.
  2. Minimal Makeup : I love makeup but I also make sure that i wear as little makeup as possible. It allows your skin to breathe. I also make sure to remove my makeup at night no matter what. Also rubbing ice on the face after removing makeup does wonders.
  3. Workout :
    I exercise regularly, whether its yoga or gym. It is really helpful in flushing out toxins as you sweat. Your skin definitely gets better with time. I regularly do surya namaskars and yoga which does wonders for my skin.
  4. Eat right :
    Along with your skincare routine, eating right is also important. Whatever you eat, it definitely reflects on your skin. It gives your skin a natural glow. I follow a nutritious diet including green vegetables and lot of fruits. I absolutely avoid oily stuff, junk and aerated drinks.
  5. Home-made face packs :
    I avoid using chemical products on my skin as much as i can. I love natural face packs that i usually rustle up from my kitchen. I make sure to wash my face with cold water atleast thrice a day whenever i am at home. I also moisturise my skin regularly. Honey and coconut oil are the best moisturisers. My favourite face pack includes sandalwood, turmeric and milk ; to be applied thrice a week.

Apart from this, being happy is the best key. Being beautiful & happy from inside, surely reflects outside. Be happy, and make way for glowing skin!

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