Veri Varshad –  The Gujarati Romantic song by Santvani Trivedi

Veri Varshad – The Gujarati Romantic song by Santvani Trivedi

Veri Varshad is written by Rajesh Kanamiya. He is also a police Inspector (Gujarat Police Service) when he posted to the Junagadh district and at the year when the first rain of the Year fell in Junagadh, It was like heaven on the earth. He truly inspired by The Spiritual land of Junagadh and he wrote this poem after seeing the first rain of that year.Santvani is a popular singer of modern-day “Urban Gujarati”.

This song is sung by Santvani Trivedi who is a well-known Gujarati folk singer. Her folk music has lent many chartbuster hits like “Unchi Talavdi”, “Valam” and many more. She’s best known for entertaining the audience during the Navratri festival. She has also shared the stage with singer Parthiv Gohil and many others during Garba Nights.

Today she’s making a home production which we can say that it produces many good songs on a very small budget and publishes on YouTube and get a very great response from the viewers. Santvani has taken a unique initiative to produce a good song on a very small budget by home production. While her previous song was similarly made like this during lockdown which is “Vhal no Dariyo”, “Rupani Jaanjari” and for this song also she got a very good response from the audience.

The song “Veri Varsad” writer says,” it’s not only the song for him it is the feeling of someone who always stays in his heart. The first rain comes with so many memories of love due to these rain he misses her love. Her absence makes him sad and emotional that’s why he used the word “Enemy” for the rain in this song. It reminds him of everything about her love. This song crossed 200k+ views in just 3 days!

This song is beautifully composed by Bhargav Pandya and music given by Akash Parmar. This project is done by Audio Wing and Santvani Trivedi created this song. This song beautifully directed by Nirav Parmar and filmed by Dev Patel. For the first time in the Gujarati language the Rainy song has shown in a different way and we can feel the rain through these songs. Today’s youth will definitely gonna love this song And the response from the audience has been very good.

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