‘Unchi Talavdi’, A beautiful song by Santavni Trivedi!!

‘Unchi Talavdi’, A beautiful song by Santavni Trivedi!!

In the old days, when songs were composed, a beautiful quote was expressed by the author or poet behind the popular song. A new generation of young artists from Gujarat has taken a unique initiative to present and understand. Famous Singer Santvani Trivedi who sang songs like “Va Vaya Ne Wadal, and recently the very viral cover song “Wahal No Daryo” is using this lockdown in a much different way!

The name of the song is “Unchi Talavadi”. Speaking of this song, there was a time when the sisters had to go to the lake or well to fetch water. And there was a kind of social harmony among the sisters. Now water taps have come in most of the villages and no one likes to have to go to fetch water. But the picture of the sisters going to fetch water reminds us of those days.

This song was composed by Shri Avinash Vyas ji years ago. The song was launched on a popular channel called “Audio Wing”. Santvani Trivedi from local Godhra city and music director Akash Parmar who composes all this music from Vadodara says,” it was more convenient for us to create compositions like Sea of ​​Love in Lockdown and this high lake because to do this we Mentally ready for years, Godhra Nagar has this kind of facility not only to make big studio sets and record, so this became very easy for us.In order to make more videos, we completed the shoot in our farm with only one videographer and his assistant in just a matter of hours and took great care of all the rules of lockdown so that no one would be disturbed and the rules would not be broken.”

The Corona epidemic has been a difficult time in the music industry for artists who used to be busy with social events every day earlier this season. Taking inspiration from Santvani Trivedi and Akash Parmar, today’s new generation of artists can move forward in their field by doing creative work through limited resources while sitting at home!

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