This was really a beautiful surprise from my fan : Khushi Shah

This was really a beautiful surprise from my fan : Khushi Shah

One of the most known and very talented actress of Dhollywood industry , Khushi Shah, who is much popular amoung all for her beautiful nature and best work. The well-known actress marked her name with her first horror comedy movie , ‘Affraa Taffrri’. In her very first move she proved herself by playing three roles in one movie. She is also much popular for her different style statements.

The Affra Taffri actress, Khushi Shah loves to enjoy her massive fan following on social media as well as in real life . Khushi Shah never regret to give response to her fans. Because of her kind heart , she is always available for her fans. Khushi Shah recently received a beautiful gift from his fan . It was a wonderful portrait of Khushi Shah and it looks perfectly like a carbon copy of Khushi Shah. As we all know about her nature , she responded her fan by posting that portrait on her social media handle.
Khushi Shah says,” this portrait is wonderfully sketched , it looks even more beautiful than the real picture. Ronit Patel who is a 17 years young boy from Gujarat , had sketched that portrait . Thanks to home for such a wonderful gift. I loved that portrait soo much.”

After getting a wonderful response from khushi Shah, that portrait artist , has become much popular amoung celebrities as a celebrity sketch artist. Ronit Patel is now also known for his beautiful sketch works.

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