This quarantine changed my entire cycle: Alisha Prajapati

This quarantine changed my entire cycle: Alisha Prajapati

Alisha Prajapati is an actress known for Fodi Laishu Yaar (2017) and Dhuandhaar (2020) which is not yet released. This lockdown has changed the routine life of almost everyone. Our ‘ Fodi Laishu Yaar’ actress says,” my entire circle is ruined at first, as I used to sleep at 5-5:30 in the morning and wake up by 2-3 pm but now I am trying to make it little normal. I am trying to put on some weight, so I need to follow a proper diet chart. Then me, my younger brother and dad helps my mom in cleaning.”

Alisha is also enjoying some quality time with her family. She does yoga with her dad. She also catches them in watching Mahabharat. She says , “I cook someday, depending on my mood. So I don’t often do that much. We play one traditional game called ‘Amdavad’, it’s like the desi version of ludo. Nowadays it is like a mandatory thing for us. I catch up with my friends at night through video calls or playing any games online with them. This entire quarantine gave me much fun. I remember all my old days.

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