This lockdown provided me with a lot of time for myself: Maira Doshi

This lockdown provided me with a lot of time for myself: Maira Doshi

The dimple queen, Maira Doshi, who is also known as the cutest personality of the D-town is having pretty perfect lockdown with family. The actress Rose to fame when she debuted a film directed by duo Abhinn and Manthan title ‘Chashni – Mithash Zindagi Ni’. She is enjoying this lockdown because as she lives in Mumbai, she doesn’t get enough time with family but during this lockdown, it’s a pretty good opportunity to have good times with family and she is perfectly claiming that opportunity.

Maira says,” After the lockdown ends, I don’t know I will step out for some days or not because I am a kind of person who loves to stay with ourself. I loved my own company. I really never matched up with many people. So this lockdown is good in my way.”

She added,” None of my shoots have been cancelled but one of my Telugu film is all set to release after this lockdown. So I am looking forward to that.”

She gave a deep message,” being a responsible citizen, I am trying myself to take all the precautions. I will not step out and I will keep myself protected that no one gets affected due to me. It’s a really tough time but if we take due care we can able to come out of this. Thank you to our superheroes who are working day and night for all of us and also to our government.”

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