The Neem Challenge by Aditya Gadhvi

The Neem Challenge by Aditya Gadhvi

Aditya Gadhvi is a well-known playback singer from our gujarati film industry. Aditya Gadhvi, a young and very talented singer who won Gujarati highest TRP gaining show ‘Lok Gayak Gujarat’. He was also popular for rediscovering the Indian folk Music and it’s essnce. He had also done many live shows in big cities like Dubai , Vadodara and many more. He had also performed with A.R.Rahman. he had given his songs in movies like Luv Ni love Story and Hellaro. He had marked many original albums to his credit. Aditya Gadhvi is well-known among us for his superb singing and his melodious voice.

Recently, Aditya Gadhvi had posted a video on his instagram handle. That video contains one kind of challenge named #TheNeemChallenge created by himself. Aditya Gadhvi says,’ As during this lockdown we came across many kind of social media challenges. Recently, I had received one challenge of drinking tea. So according to me, that challenge was little easy for the tea lovers. So, here I came with a new and little hard challenge of eating neem.’ By doing all this activities, still having bored days Aditya is making his fans busy and entertain by doing all those things.

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