The cover version of “Tame Wahal No Daryo” went viral.

The cover version of “Tame Wahal No Daryo” went viral.

In the last two months, lockdown in India has changed people’s lives socially, economically and emotionally. The music industry has also stabilized in the time of the Corona epidemic. There is a class in the music industry that believes that studios should be set up to compose music. There should be good devices for recording and good sets for making special video albums.

Putting all these beliefs aside, today’s new generation artists who have made a place for themselves in the hearts of the people. A girl who had made many love mashups and many such songs are from a small city where facilities and technology like big cities are lacking. After setting up a normal recording studio at home from the space, she got together with her fellow music friend’s and well-known music director Akash Parmar and had launched the cover version of Priya Saraiya and Sachin Jigar’s composition.

Explaining this Santvani Trivedi further said that,” it was more convenient for us to work in the lockdown because we were mentally ready to do this for years, we come from a city where there is no such facility and so to make a set and to record in a homemade studio has become very easy for us. My friend Dev Patel, who is working with local and very big artists for their shoots, had given big support to me. We shoot in our backyard and on our terrace so that the lockdown rules don’t get a break and millions of people can easily watch it.”

This song became much popular among all and it gets a huge response from all my fans.
This work of Santvani Trivedi has inspired many, today’s new generation can also move forward in their field with limited resources at home.

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