Team Amdavadi man is giving the best content to us!

Team Amdavadi man is giving the best content to us!

Amdavadi man is a group of boys from Ahmedabad Gujarat. They are best known for their comedy videos. It is a group of five local Ahmedabadi boys,’Jatin Prajapati, Kushal Mistry, Parth Parmar, Vijay Gurjar, and Deep Purohit. They all are serving the best for everyone from the medium of digital media. The Youth Icon of Gujarat and the Viral Gujju laughter King team Amdavadi man has more than 5.5 lakh subscribers with 40 million-plus views on YouTube and the reach of over 1 million followers on TikTok and other social media platforms combined.

Their work is clearly seen in all the videos and digital content, due to all this they are going much popular among their fans. They always came up with many new ideas and many different things that a normal person deals with. They proved everyone that with good knowledge about digital media one can earn as much as an employee of a company.

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