Spending most of my time with my little girl : Viral Rao

Spending most of my time with my little girl : Viral Rao

This lockdown days are going much hard for everyone to deal with. During this days everyone wants to engage themselves in their interested activities or hobbies or in many household thing. This lockdown world be pretty good for many, who are doing much good work for their own. Our well-known director of D-town industry, Viral Rao, who had given many amazing movies like ‘Affraa Taffri” and ‘Family Circus’. The movie like ‘Affraa Taffri” by him was the first horror comedy movie in which Khushi Shah, Mitra Gadhvi and many others are playing their best roles.

The ‘Affraa Taffri’ director says,”this lockdown has given me some best moments with my little girl Eva. We had some good quality time with each other. Due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to gave my daughter sometime, but now we have alot of time together. We had done many activities together. I am focusing to sharpen her skills. I am also working on my upcoming projects. I’m writing different scripts of web series and different movies, soon I’ll reveal all of them after this lockdown.

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