Shaktiman re-created: The Meghdhanush

Shaktiman re-created: The Meghdhanush

Meghdhanush is one of the best live band created by for friends : Karan , Ishrat ,Jainam and Piyesh. These group of four friends came with many different skills ,they put their individual skills together and has presented the best band ever to us. Meghdhanush has came up with many of their originals like ,”Mijlas, Le lee , Baawari and Yaari.” Their every new composition came with many deep meanings.

Recently Meghdhanush came with a beautiful composition of them : Shaktiman . Team Meghdhanush says,” due to this lockdown we are having free time for ourselves, recently we catched up with the old show shaktiman on television. Shaktiman is a constant desi hero for all. After having look on this show we come up with our new song shaktiman in our way. Our whole team worked perfectly and with help of them all we came to such a beautiful composition of Shaktiman.” We must say,” Meghdhanush always comes up with many new and creative compositions”

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