Saku Bai sends much fun

Saku Bai sends much fun

One of the most know actress Deeksha Joshi, who is much popular among all for her beautiful smile and smart work. Deeksha Joshi had performed well in every movie of her. She is an Indian actor from Gujarat who primarily work in gujarati film industry. She started her acting debut in 2017 with the first film ,’ Shubh Aarambh’. Movies like ‘Karsandas Pay and Use’, ‘Sharto Lagu’ and ‘Dhanki’ also goes to her credit.

During this corona pendemic , our well-known actress was doing her best by engaging her self in different activities. Recently , we had seen her IGTV, videos on her in instagram handle. She had created a beautiful character of a maid named Saku Bai. Between 1-2 days she is uploading something much different by continuing her previous story. She had created a beautiful character and an amazing story which normally contains the basic questions which we came across during our day tos ay life. Saku Bai is much funny . Even during this boring days our actress Deeksha Joshi is providing us very funny vid.

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