Priyesh Mehta’s Top 5 favourite songs because of amazing musical Drum pieces!!

Priyesh Mehta’s Top 5 favourite songs because of amazing musical Drum pieces!!

A song is made from the symphony of various instruments. Each instrument has its own charm and its own space in the arrangement. Priyesh Mehta, drummer from Meghdhanush, shares with us five songs which is his favourite because of how drums have been used in those musical pieces.

  1. Zinda Hu by Ahad Niyani – The spaces created by Ahad in the song and the way he has justified each and every beat with an improvised and energetic drum tune excites Priyesh. You can also check out Priyesh’s cover of this song on his Instagram profile.
  2. Sultaan by Gino Banks – When one clearly hears the song and focuses on the way the drums sound, one is appalled. The tone used and the grooves added, uplifts the song.
  3. Zinda by Jai Row Kavi – There are so many cymbals to be chosen from and each cymbal brings its own uniqueness to the song. According to Priyesh, the sound of cymbals in this song is perfect
  4. Hey Bhagwan by Wilfred Demoz – Priyesh loves regge and use of this rhythm in the song makes this song top in his playlist. The placement of the grooves in the song is very beautiful.
  5. Chadh Chadh Jana by Darshan Doshi – Various patterns is used in various songs. D&B is used in this and the way the pattern is executed in this Coke Studio piece mesmerizes Priyesh.

Let’s celebrate Priyesh’s birthday by listening to his favourite drum bits and grooving to the terrific sounds of the drum sticks.

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