Photo: Mitra Gadhvi shared the first look of his upcoming short film titled ‘Anita’

Photo: Mitra Gadhvi shared the first look of his upcoming short film titled ‘Anita’

Anita, a Gujarati short film written and directed by New York based filmmaker Sushma Khadepaun. This film will have its world premiere in competition at the prestigious 2020 Venice International Film Festival. The film starres Aditi Vasudev and Mitra Gadhvi. The whole film was shot in Tithal and Valsad last year and how it is all ready to rock the screens.

Mitra Shared a post on his social media explaing how beautiful his experience was to be the part of this film. The post captioned like,”I’ve always believed that through acting you get to experience multiple lives, and bring life to characters that exist only on a piece of paper. How you do that defines you as an actor. Since my theatre days, I’ve always wanted to perform a flawed, complex character, but never really had the opportunity to be one on screen. The more films I did and more world cinema I experienced, the hungrier I became for this experience.
As they say happiness comes in small packages and to me, it came in the form of ANITA – @anitashortfilm . The film gave me an opportunity to spread my wings and play a character that shook me. Vikram as a character has been the most challenging role, I’ve had to play so far. This character brought out a version of me that I never thought I would see. Vikram is not me, in fact we’re opposites. And so, it was a very difficult task for me to portray this character. It took a lot of courage from my side. It was the culture, the environment, and the amazing workshops, Sushma – @sush.anon created that helped me a lot. Something changed in me as I became Vikram. I matured as an actor, and as a character. Thanks to @aditivasudev for being an amazing co-star and supporting me in all the ways possible.What excited me even more was the fact that the film was in #Gujarati. The story that Sush wanted to tell was difficult, but she handled the subject with such nuance and subtlety. This is what compelled me to become the Vikram she had in mind. It’s a fresh approach to direction, cinematography, and overall storytelling that is new, especially for Gujarati films. The Gujarati art/independent cinema is a very new space and I must say that I’m honoured and proud to be a part of it.”

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