Photo: Khushi Shah shared some major fitness vibes! #30dayschallange

Photo: Khushi Shah shared some major fitness vibes! #30dayschallange

During this lockdown, when everyone is putting themselves busy in many different activities, Khushi Shah is seen working hard on herself during this pandemic. Khushi Shah had already started her work routine and have begun working on her many new projects while following all the government specified guidelines. She is also engaged in making different motivational videos, which were really helpful to all of us.

Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah

 Khushi Shah, who is a talented actress, has shown her dedication towards maintaining her work out routine throughout the lockdown by never messing her exercising schedule. And the star put in extra efforts as she has been preparing to tone her body for her upcoming projects. Khushi Shah is seen working hard for health.

The ‘Affraa Taffri’ actress has been pushing the limits by doing a 30-day fitness challenge for her two upcoming action movies ‘Full Stop’ and ‘Mission London’ which were soon going to reschedule. Her Instagram stories had also revealed that she’ll be doing a dance number with Meet Jain.

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