Our popular actor Hemang Dave is a good singer too!!

Our popular actor Hemang Dave is a good singer too!!

Our well known actor Hemang Dave is much popular among us for his comedy acting. He is much popular among us for his movies like Be Yaar(2014) , Bus Ek Chance (2015) , Romeo and Radhika (2016) , Tamburo (2017). In 2018 he had worked in two most known movies Aavuj Reshe and Chhutti Jashe Chakka. His most recent movie Order Order Out of rder 2019 directed by dhwani Gautam, has won many hearts. Hemang Dave is very kind hearted person, he is always ready to make his fans laugh. His acting is wonderful in all the ways.

During this lockdown days, one of the most skillful comedian, Hemang Dave is making sure that he is engaged with his friends and family. Still during all this, he never fails to treat his fans with lots of laughter. But during this lockdown, we came to know about his skillful singing. Before coming into acting, he was engaged in singing. This is came from his mother’s family as there are some musicians. Hemang Dave started learning tabla from a very minor age of 6. He was learning all these from a famous institute of Ahmedabad. He took Music as a subject in 10th and 12th this help him to score high. The actor has played many roles in his live plays where he used to sing. However, till now, he didn’t had the chance to sing in a movie but hoping to have as soon as possible.

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