Our mother language is much important to have a good platform : Jimit Trivedi

Our mother language is much important to have a good platform : Jimit Trivedi

A well-known actor of Gujarati cinema , Jimit Trivedi is much popular for Some of his movies like ‘Gujjubhai the great’ and ‘Gujjubhai – Most wanted’. This doesn’t ends here , he has also done some bhollywood movies like ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ and ‘102 Not Out ‘ . He has also done some TV shows like ‘Chhanchhan’ and ‘ Hum dono hain alag alag’. This wonderful actor has taken many things to his credits.

Recently, we had a good interview with Jimit Trivedi , he had given many beautiful suggestions to take our Dhollywood industry on top. Jimit Trivedi says ,’ for me , most important thing to have a good career would be our gujarati language. Now a days , the craze for other regional cinema was getting more , the reason behind that is simple , that to attract our people we have to make them aware about our industry. We know that dhollywood is going on high steps day by day as we had came up with one National award winning movie Hellaro too.

According to me , if we want to catch attention of our audience, we should make movies, which can discribe our lauguage and our lifestyle. If we want to catch attention of audience , we have to show the real life or culture of a pure gujarati person who always cames up with his own values. The ‘ Gujjubhai The Great ‘ actor says ,’ if we show the culture , values with which we live our life or with the lifestyle which we got from our family, then we can easily get attached with our audience. The most important thing to me as an actor is my values and my culture. I always work on that and I always come up with new ideas which saws our culture.’

He also shared his quote that ,’ if you do good thing for a right person in a good way then definitely it will pay off.’ Jimit Trivedi is also coming up with two of his new projects, one from that has been done and soon will be released after this lockdown and another is half done.

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