Nature is the best gift from God: Jolly Rathod

Nature is the best gift from God: Jolly Rathod

Jolly Rathod is well-known for her best movies and shows. She is known for the 2016 movie, Tuu To Gayo. She was the 2nd runner up in the Miss Earth India contest.  She is purely a nature lover. During this lockdown, she engaged herself in many different activities and also she gave enough amount of time to her garden. Watering plants and cleaning garden has become the best activity of her during all this.

She says, “I have always been a nature lover and I absolutely love enjoying the gift of environment that God has given us!! It is so amazing how everything works in sync to create the right balance for mankind to thrive…But sadly we have been taking away life from what has made life possible for us in the first place. I always try my bit to contribute to saving the environment. I make sure I never waste water or electricity and try to reduce my contribution to pollution of all kinds!! It all starts at home and every effort counts!! All we need is awareness and active efforts to maintain the balance of the environment and keep it healthy for us and the coming generations!!”

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