My plan on this Mother’s Day : Puja Joshi

My plan on this Mother’s Day : Puja Joshi

We all know this well-known actress from our industry, Puja joshi, mainly she was seen working in gujarati television world. She is much popular among all for her role of Charu Shashtri in Gujarati SitCom A Family Comedy Che. She is basically from Mumbai. She came across us in many television shows.

On this Mother’s Day, Puja Joshi had a beautiful gift for her mother. Due to this lockdown offcourse she can’t buy any gift from outside but still she came up with a beautiful gift for her mother. Today, she planned that, she will provide a totally free day to her loving mumma. From all this busy days ,she will gave a perfect free day to her mom. According to her, today she is giving the day to her mom where her mom has freedom to do things at her will, miles away from her hectic day to day routine. Today I will take all her burden’s on my head and I’ll give her the best day ever.

Puja Joshi had shared a beautiful emotional message dedicating to her, in her own way. The ,’ Internet Wala Love’ actress says,”The purest form of love that exists in this universe is that of a mother! She is the heartbeat of the house. My mother is my best friend, my strength, my backbone, my everything. She is my role model. Not only she is a great mom, she is an excellent housemaker too! She is my biggest inspiration. Whenever i count my blessings, i count her twice. My favourite thing i remember my mom saying is “I love you, and remember who you are!” She said this everytime i left the house. Right from my school days, this always helped me in making correct decisions and stand for the right. I am always blessed with extra strength to stand tall in every situation because i know my mom is always there to support me!

Thank you Ma for raising me to be strong and independent and giving me immense love!
A very Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful Mothers out there!”

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