MTV Ace Of Space season 2 contestant Khushali Vyas has already practiced a quarantine.

MTV Ace Of Space season 2 contestant Khushali Vyas has already practiced a quarantine.

Khushali Vyas commenced her journey at an early age of 17 with the Government of India owned Doordarshan Channel, hosting a game show. Academically, she has a Masters in Development Communications, during which she also committed herself to an internship with varied Radio Channels. Parallel to her academics, she received ample opportunity to hone her craft – one of them being hosting diverse events. But that wasn’t Khushali’s entire journey. In fact, she was just getting started. After a handful of creative jobs in different sectors as above mentioned, she stepped onto what she defines as a ‘Dream Path’. The path that lead her to become a proficient Voice-Over Artist. Her First income – a mere 100 Rupees, was a big boost on her confidence. And it came after onerous travelling to her first Studio, 20 km away from home, every day. No small feat.

As for her hobbies, Khushali is grounded in the Dance of Bharatnatyam and she has been doing it since for 9 years. Khushali also holds a diploma degree in French language. Intéressant, n’est-ce pas?

While putting her compelling best in everything she does, it wasn’t surprising that she would one day perform for the Big Screen. Middle of 2019, Khushali starred in the Bollywood movie, PM Narendra Modi, alongside Vivek Oberoi, plus has also played a significant role in motley Gujarati movies since then.

Though she cherished being on the Big Screen, her passion of Voice-Artistry never left her. Giving herself a project, she created a video of mimicking various Cartoon Characters like Noddy, Chhota Bheem, Ninja Hattori, Pikachu, Shishimaru, Catrina, Shinchan and Doremon. The response garnered her over 5 Lakh views and opened the door for a lot of other projects – including and not limited to, receiving a call from India’s got Talent and an opportunity to be a Pan-India Voice-Over Artist at 98.3 Radio Mirchi.

End of 2019, Khushali got selected for MTV Ace of Space – Season 2, out of lakhs of entries from all across the world. The concept of the Show was that Eighteen contestants were divided into two teams: The Kings and The Jacks, to win space in the house and in the hearts of the audience by performing challenging tasks and showcasing their personalities, for 72 Days. The series also featured digital interaction, via votes through which viewers could interact with the contestants and express their opinions. All of this happened inside a confined area that received no sunlight and was away from any communication of the outside world. Khushali did extremely well during the show, for which she was immensely praised. She held her strength and delivered.

The ongoing Lockdown has given Khushali, quite a breather. Amidst her swamped schedule and flying traveling Life, Khushali rarely had the time for herself but now being at home is nothing short of a blessing. She dedicates herself every day to doing a lot of different activities like learning Yoga, Meditation, learn about distinctive Dance styles online and above all, cherishing the spent time with her family.

Her journey has taught her so many things, garnered so many friends, enlightened her in so many ways but above all, Khushali believes that if one is truthful and committed to one’s passion and desired interest, there is no doubt success will come running.
She has already practiced quarantine in the show but the only difference was distance.

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