Motivational speaker and content creator Dinesh Desai prefers quality over quantity

Motivational speaker and content creator Dinesh Desai prefers quality over quantity

To be a great content creator, one must make quality content rather than focusing on the quantity. Finding the best target audience is also important as they are the ones who popularize these influencers. Many people in tier II and tier III cities are utilizing social media and have become great content creators.

One such name in Gujarat is Dinesh Desai, a motivational speaker who is a very popular name in the state’s Maldhari Samaj. Many youngsters look up to him as a source of inspiration and his speeches have always left a lasting impression among the youth. Born on May 3, 1989, he has always been much inclined towards social work and causes in general.

Besides giving on-ground speeches, Desai now plans to go the virtual way. While speaking about his plans to connect to his audiences, he quoted, “Social media has given many people a great exposure. It is the best medium to connect to the audience. I am not just restricted to my social works and philanthropy works. I am working on a lot of motivational concept videos which will boost positivity among people. Many content creators have got popularity through social media and I am hoping to create such content that will inspire people to work hard. I need to set my target audience for the same.”


His community, Maldhari Samaj, has always been his priority. His thoughts about bettering his community have helped him win the trust of people. “I want to educate and create employment opportunities for my people and with the use of the internet, it will become easier for me to educate the audiences,” he added.

Currently, Dinesh is working with the Rabari Samaj’s Dharm Guru Gadi Shri Jayram Swami Ramji Mandir, Tintoda, Gandhinagar and Rabari Samaj’s Dharm Guru Gadi Ramji Mandir, Zak, Ahmedabad. Dinesh Desai’s only focus as of now is to build unity among his people and empower them to be the better individuals.

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