Most popular singer Manish Joshi asks fans to excersice during lockdown.

Most popular singer Manish Joshi asks fans to excersice during lockdown.

This corona pandemic is really hard for everyone. Due to this lockdown people are engaging themselves in many of different activities and hobbies of their choice and many other are engaged in household chores. Thia lockdown had put a stop on every business or we can say on all over India. We all know that staying at home without any work is pretty hard but for our actors and singers it was pretty good time to stay with their family.

During this lockdown our well-known face of Gujarati industry , Manish Joshi, who is a well-known singer from Gujarat was having good quality time for his family. Manish Joshi is popularly known as MJ ,is one of the finest live show spellbound singer based in Mumbai, who had done more than 3000 superhit shows worldwide for different occasions.

Manish Joshi says,” for me my health is much important, a healthy body can do every work without any rest. According to me, this lockdown has provided us a good opportunity to take good care of ourselves. Doing yoga, having 1-2 hours of gym is been my daily routine during this lockdown days . Due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to do this all for my body but as we all have this time, I suggest everyone to do regular yoga and take proper care of your health. A healthy body will help you to do many works at a time. I recommend all to stay safe at home and do excersice daily.”

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