Meet Nikul Darji – The most favourite cinematographer among D-towner’s!!

Meet Nikul Darji – The most favourite cinematographer among D-towner’s!!

Nikul Darji is much popular among artist as the best cinematographer. His work says everything about him. At the age of 21, he had gained the attention of many artists from Dhollywood as well as Bollywood. The most known freelancer cinematographer and editor is basically from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is working with many leading artists as a professional cinematographer, editor and photographer since a very long time.

Nikul Darji is an integral part of Team JIGRRA (Jigardan Gadhvi) since 2015. He had marked his name by working with the most known music directors Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya. Not only this but, he had also gained great experience by working with the popular folk singers like kirtidan Gadhvi, Kinjal Dave, Geeta Ben Rabari and many more. He was also doing many photography projects at weddings and pre-weddings.

Nikul Darji Cinematographer
Nikul Darji Cinematographer

Nikul expressed his experience of working with Sachin-Jigar, “I am very glad that I got an opportunity to work on “Dhuni Re Dhakhavi “ Music video as a Cinematographer, it was a great experience to work with such renowned personality, Sachin Sanghvi. and I got to learn a lot from him. The song is produced by Sachin-Jigar and vocals by Sachin Sanghvi, Working on such project was a great experience. The location, the setting of the video was beautiful. We had gone to Gir, Junagadh and that was my first time being there for a shoot. It was a 5-day shoot. I’d like to thank everyone, especially Divyaraj Gadhavi ( Director )who worked on this project and for making it such a pleasant experience.”

Looking towards the work front, he had done many beautiful shootings of music albums like ‘Dhuni Re Dhakavi’ by Sachin Jigar, ‘Jaage Hai’ by Ishani Dave, ‘Mogal Taro Aashro’ by Jigardan Gadhvi, ‘Amba Ramva Ave’ by kirtidan Gadhvi and many more.

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