Meet Jensi Kukadiya: The singer of most known song Ghumariyu!!

Meet Jensi Kukadiya: The singer of most known song Ghumariyu!!

Jensi Kukadiya is a college student and she started her music journey at an early young age. Today her popular song Ghumariyu has been heard by millions of people and people are liking it very much. First of all jensi sung a song called “Ek biladi jaadi” currently it is heard by over 10million+ people. Jensi Kukadiya’s journey begins with the live concert, after 2 concerts she got an offer of an album song.

Jensi got an offer to sing a Gujarati song ghumariya so she accepts the offer and recorded the song After that wasn’t aware of anything like somehow would song launch and how long this song would last. But after the launching of this song she was surprised because her song lasted so long. Currently, ghumariyu song reached 38M+ views on youtube. Jensi was very happy to see that her song was becoming very popular and millions of peoples are hearing her voice.
Jensi Recorded this song just in a single track, she didn’t ever expected that millions of people would to listen to this song.

Expressing about her feelings after getting her song much popular, Jensi says,”After the launching of ghumariyu many of my friends were asking me that was You had sung this song? Because people had no idea that this song was sung by me. My mom dad also feels proud of my success and they usually tell everyone that ghumariyu song is sung by my daughter. My parents are much very supportive to me.”

“I want to work in Gujarati industry more than working in Bollywood. Basically, I’m am Gujarati so I would like to promote Gujarati content more and we should have respect for our mother tongue. It will be proud to me, if I get chance to serve Gujarati industry”, Jensi further added.

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