Meet Ankit Mewada – A boy who started his journey from a cafe singer to a big stage performer

Meet Ankit Mewada – A boy who started his journey from a cafe singer to a big stage performer

As a known fact music is a hugely diverse industry ,hence achiving anything is tough so why should being a vocal artist be any different, a majority of those artists are walking an endless road to success persuing a different journey aiming to gravitade towards that same goal of fame, however few out of them are still carving and sculpting their prowess without expecting a procurement and contributing towards the hardwork and so is this immensely talented singer Ankit Mewada who belongs to the state of Gujarat and owns an euphoniuos voice and made a mark lately by stepping in to a gujrati film industry.

He has an engineering qualification background, however he had a keen interest in music from the very young age, after all emotions rule the actions of humankind and passion is an emotion that human being cannot control and so Ankit broke the wall of perplexity and choose to ingress in to the  field of music a couple of years back and managed to keep his fans and audience engaged by his captivating performances. 

Singer further added that he never had to walk through the step of convincing his parents for agreement on supporting his decision as they have always been an encouraging, hence he considers himself blesssed to have an optimistic parents, Although he was aware about the certainity that its not going to be a breezy walk.

Ankit started persuing indian classical music “Visharad” alongside he was been approached to exhibit his talent in to a cafe and this was his first opporunity to perform on the stage where he was been appointed permanently later.

Eventually he started earnings fans with the bunch of appreciation and journey started turning high-yielding, ankit managed to earn a title of best performing artist for unplugged shows in gujrat and has performed at several high-ended events all across the country

Ankit’s most astounding achivement is his debut in gujrati film industry by song “To shu thaiyu” from a movie “Paagdi” by tapan vyas,further more singer is also involved in writing and composing , recently ankit released his album “Varsaad ma” as his sole composition featuring self which emerged as a most sensational romantic gujrati album.

An artist who unfolded his  musical voyage says that it is difficult to narrate this journey”A journey from a cafe to a recording studio” full of toiling and joyful learnings, however in a nut shell he would like to circulate a message of inspiration to our youth in which he says “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory and moreover your will to win and desire to  succeed ,the urge to reach your full potential these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”.

Ankit extended his gratitude for his friend and mentor mr jigar mulani a well know casting director/actor who is been a great support holding up and enjoining him on his career path

Singer took an opportunity to share a consciousness on current situation of covid-19 pandemic across the globe, he said “One should take care of self and a family by following the instructions given my medical & health org,  and its a good time to persue and plant new hobbies as he likes to divert himself by practicing music and trying new workout techniques at home , furtherance this war has got different rules to win which demands us to stay home so lets stay home ,stay safe and lets win this warfare in conjunction.

Singer further added that he is been working on few surprise projects those will be ready to mesmerize his fans after lock down is lifted up,hence lets stay tuned to hear more  from this melodious voice.

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