Love ni Bhavai completed 3 years!! The actor’s shared some glimpse of the movie. Check here!

Love ni Bhavai completed 3 years!! The actor’s shared some glimpse of the movie. Check here!

A movie with lots of emotions, a movie with lots of fun, a movie with the flavour of many beautiful scenes. Yes, I am talking about ‘Love Ni Bhavai’, which has recently completed 3 years. Love ni Bhavai is a romantic drama film starring the most known and most likely stars of Gujarati industry. Malhar Thaker, Aarohi Patel and Pratik Gandhi had played such an incredible character in this movie.

Love Ni Bhavai’ has completed almost 3 years full of love, support and good wishes from all the fans and followers. Malhar Thaker is a personality, who makes himself comfortable in any character. In love ni Bhavai, he had played a beautiful character of a boy who is bite confused or focused open something, he has some anger and some sweet memories within him.

Talking about Aarohi Patel, she is known as the Cutest person from the Gujarati film industry. She had given many beautiful movies in this industry. Also being a social bee, she never fails to make her fans updated about her work. She is playing a beautiful role in this movie and at the end, she described her love in a very different way, this would be the most beautiful scene of the movie. She is aa RJ Antara, who is not romantically inclined, finds herself caught between a materialistic yet dependable entrepreneur, Aaditya, and an optimistic genius, Sagar.

This movie is released on 17th of November,2017 and still collecting love from many. This movie had already hit 3 years yesterday and had stepped into the 4th year of ‘Love Ni Bhavai’. Love Ni Bhavai is a Gujarati romantic drama film directed by Sandeep Patel and produced by Aarti Patel. Its plot is heavily based on the 2008 Hollywood Film The Accidental Husband. The background score and soundtrack was composed by Sachin-Jigar, with lyrics from Niren Bhatt.

‘Love Ni Bhavai’ is written by Mitai Shukla and Nehal Bakshi. This film stares Malhar Thakar, Pratik Gandhi and Aarohi Patel.
Music is given by Sachin-Jigar and Cinematography is done by Tapan Vyas.
Editing credits goes to Prateek Gupta.

Here’s, The whole story of ‘Love Ni Bhavai’, RJ Antara, who works in a FM Radio, is loved by the entire Ahmedabad due to her energetic voice and solid attitude. She was against love and relationships initially and told her boss K (Krishna) that she would never fall in love. She was awarded the youngest RJ achiever award due to her contribution to the Radio. Aditya, a rich business man, was once stuck in a heavy traffic. He observed Antara helping clearing the traffic and fell in love with her. In the award ceremony, Antara met Aaditya. He tries to maintain a relationship with her. He considered her as his best friend and told her that he wants to see her happy, whether as a friend or anything else. Their regular talks became a headline news, and her boss K (Krishna) regularly teases her. Once Antara got a call from Swati, who asked her what to answer because her boyfriend Sagar was going to propose her on Valentines Day. (Sagar is the main actor of the film who got rejected by 23 girls, yet he was optimistic about someone agreeing on him). Antara asked Swati to listen to her heart and breakup with Sagar if she is not happy and doesn’t see any future with him. Convinced, as a result, Swati rejects Sagar’s proposal and breaks up with him. This disheartens Sagar to a great extent. He was somehow consoled by his father. Later, when Sagar learns that it was because of Antara’s advise that Swati rejected him, he decides to take revenge on her by following her to the Diu Trip, falsely taking photos with her and making it a fake news in the newspaper in order to make Antara fall in trouble with headlines. He along with his friend (who was a photographer) manages to get information about Antara’s Diu trip and boards the same bus which she boarded. Sagar continues his talks with Antara and manages to befriend her. However, Sagar fell in love with her as he started spending time with her in the trip. He asked his friend to avoid posting the fake news until he tells him to do so. Antara also secretly felt for Sagar and she knew Sagar also felt for her. However, once when she was invited by Sagar for a birthday party at his home, she went to Sagar’s room and checked all the pictures of her trip with Sagar in his laptop. This made her angry and hurt her a lot. She understood that Sagar didn’t love her, but just used her to become famous. When she left the party, Sagar stopped her. She told everything. Sagar revealed about his anger on Antara when he came to know that her advise forced Swati to reject him. Antara realised that Sagar had planned a revenge and this hurt her more. She told Sagar not to talk with her henceforth. Aaditya came to know about Sagar and Antara’s Diu Trip, called Sagar to his office and warned him to stay away from Antara and avoid hurting her. Later, Aaditya proposed her for marriage, however Antara chose not to answer that. Sagar then called her on her Radio Love Line and reminder her that without her, his life has become monotonous and he misses her a lot. Antara ignored Sagar’s calls and messages, and agreed to marry Aditya. Sagar came to know about this and reached Antara’s office, but her boss Krishna told Sagar to stay away from Antara and avoid hurting her more. Because Antara was not responding Sagar’s calls and messages, he sent her a letter asking whom she remembers the most when she gets up in the morning, when drinking coffee and when listening to songs online. Sagar’s friend later informs him that his boss is planning to post all the trip pictures in the newspaper next day to defame Antara. This makes Sagar tense, but he somehow manages to delete all the pictures from the boss’ laptop with the help of his friend and snatches the pen-drive having the backup, and throws it into the lake. Aaditya happens to read the letter sent by Sagar at Antara’s home when he came there to take out for coffee and he realised that she is not happy with the marriage. Despite asking Antara a lot, she chooses to stay quiet and marry Aditya. During the marriage, Aaditya meets Antara and asks her to say the truth of whom she really thinks of in her mind. When Antara could not answer, Aditya told her that his aim was to see her happy, whether with him or with anyone else. Aaditya understood her mind and agreed to help her meet Sagar (who had already started giving up on his relationship with Antara). However, they were not able to locate him. Antara reached Radio office and asked Ahmedabad City to help her find Sagar. She manages to get help from a Tea Vendor where Sagar was sitting. Antara reaches that place and proposes Sagar by saying that she wants to forget her earlier anger and wants to start a new relationship with him, to which Sagar happily accepts. Sagar thanked Aditya for such a huge sacrifice of his life.

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