Launched “Naya Hindustan” Covid-19 Anthem, Nihilant’s wonderful attempt to show unity in diversity.

Launched “Naya Hindustan” Covid-19 Anthem, Nihilant’s wonderful attempt to show unity in diversity.

The Covid-19 epidemic has created a worldwide barrier. In the last two months, lockdown in India has changed people’s lives socially, economically and emotionally.

Bhoomi Trivedi

Music director Hitesh Prasad has lent his voice along with Mahalakshmi Aiyar, Bhoomi Trivedi, Toshi Sabri, Shraddha Pandit. He has also composed the music and lyrics. The video is directed by Kanishka Shankar while the mixing and mastery are by Tosif Sheikh. Music arrangers and programmers are Raju Shankar and Sanjay Jaipurwale. The project is supported by Nihilent Cares as part of the CSR initiative.

Hitesh Prasad

It is time to display and write a new future as we embrace this new reality. This is an excellent opportunity to heal oneself with this unprecedented crisis, to overcome obstacles and break boundaries as well as to uplift vigor, empathy and unity. Undoubtedly this crisis has brought us all together and this is the time to show unity among the diversity of race and region. This is the time to spread humanity, love and light.

Toshi Sabri

With this background, we have created New Hindustan to visualize the new India. This is a salute to the countless Covid-19 warriors, behind-the-scenes heroes and the billions of people who live in hope, faith and adventure and humanity while the country is fighting an invisible enemy.
“The new Hindustan is about a new India,” says LC Singh, director and executive chairman of Nihilent. It demonstrates the need for all of us to work together and the idea of ​​unity and brotherhood.

Tosif Shaikh

This video captures this aspect and how this crisis has brought us all together as better human beings. New Hindustan is the anthem for a new India, says KV Sridhar, Nihilant’s Chief Creative Officer. The country is in the grip of the Covid-19 epidemic but it is showing incredible resilience, courage and hope even in this test. Obviously, the experience of being a part of this initiative has been wonderful.

Hitesh Prasad says, I have written and composed this music video mainly to show the communal brotherhood and to encourage the people of this country affected by COVID-19 and lockdown in many ways. Through this video, I want to convey the main message of a new India – a country that needs to rise above all differences and come together in this time of crisis. I would also like to mention that the artists and singers in this video have done this work as a purely social cause and thank Nihilent for supporting us in this initiative. Let’s build a new Hindustan!

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