Kumpal Patel being Atma Nirbhar is seen in her latest post.

Kumpal Patel being Atma Nirbhar is seen in her latest post.

Kumpal Patel shared a post on her Instagram handle where the actress is seen mowing the grass, cutting some leafs and cleaning her place. Kumpal Patel being an Indian citizen, has taken the words of our PM Narendra Modi ji seriously. The face of lockdown 4.0 is extended, the actress is becoming Atma Nirbhar by putting words of Modi ji on point. The PM Modi also asked the citizens to use domestically produced products, she is going to focus on that too.

kumpal is also doing different household chores during this lockdown. She is busy in reading books apart from other activities.
Speech by PM Modi motivated her a lot and so she started gardening on his own. It was a good step to be Atma Nirbhar. On her recent post, she used caption,”Morning vibes #आत्मनिर्भ#aatmanirbharbharat #आत्मनिर्भर #aatmanirbharbharat#lockdown #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #mask#coronamemes #covid19 #morning #morningvibes”. This side of Kumpal is making her fans much motivated. The Atma Nirbhar Avtar of Kumpal is going to be much different from others, fans are much delighted to see her in this Avatar.

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