Khushi Shah’s Instagram live talk with corona patient Rohit Sadhu

Khushi Shah’s Instagram live talk with corona patient Rohit Sadhu

Due to this corona virus pendemic everyone is little scared about the coronavirus. It is hard to survive with this , our well known actress Khushi Shah had recently conducted Instagram live session with the corona positive patient who is recently recovered and came back home. That corona positive patient is basically from Ahmedabad named Rohit Sadhu.

When Khushi Shah ask him about how he get corona positive, he says,’ from the very beginning of lockdown we are providing food packets and other things to the poor people. During this one of my friend who is working with me came to know that he is corona positive. So I also get scared about it and I got a checkup for my safe side. My reports came positive, I am much worried about that, my family is also in tension but after following all the instructions of my doctor I get recovered easily.

Rohit Sadhu says ,’ if we drink 10 to 15 glass of hot water daily and if we follow the normal precautions then surely corona will not affect our body.’ While staying in hospital Rohit Sadhu had send many positive videos to the people from his social media describing the ways to get out of this corona virus. Corona is not dangerous if we take proper precautions without any fail, then for sure it will not affect our bodies.

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