Khushi Shah shared a message on this World Environment Day!

Khushi Shah shared a message on this World Environment Day!

Khushi Shah, who is best known for her 3 different characters in the first horror-comedy movie ‘Affraa Taffri’ is a type of person who loves nature most! Khushi Shah is also into modelling from many years and had gained so much popularity their also. During this lockdown, she used her time in many different activities and especially on plants. She had created a beautiful small plants gallery at home. It was such a creative thing which only a nature lover can do!

Khushi Shah says, ” Every year, on this day, usually people go out to the field to plant saplings and other various events are organised. But this year, as people are confined to the four walls of their homes due to coronavirus pandemic, the World Environment Day celebration would be different. Amidst the lockdown, instead of going out, people can promote the day and raise awareness through online activities. “

“I suggest everyone to just grow one plant at their comfort. Just one plant at every home is next to enough to make this nation beautiful and pollution-free. I am going to grow one plant every month at my place!!” Khushi added.

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