Jay Wadhwani is playing the lead in the recent song titled ‘Shiv Bhola’ by Kinjal Dave

Jay Wadhwani is playing the lead in the recent song titled ‘Shiv Bhola’ by Kinjal Dave

Jay Wadhwani is the pure devotee of LORD SHIVA. He is being a learner into the field of acting so he used to see many serials of ” LORD SHIVA” & used to observe the intense character of Shiva, and he really wished to have that character in himself and even wanted to play that role. This project by Kinjal Dave fulfilled his wish and he was very happy about this.

Jay says,” When I came to know that the team has selected me as the character of Lord shiva, I was completely amazed and literally thanked the almighty for this gift in the month of Shravan and with the excitement, I was on set, the moment the makeup and the grooming started, I had captured each and every moment till the end, and at last the team was like, ‘we got the best in you, even more than our expectations’ and my grades were high listening this.”

Jay expressed his feelings for his sister and Lead singer Kinjal Dave,” When I came to know that the project was with one of the melodious voice, the pride of India, the glamour with voice, the one & only ” KINJAL DAVE”, this stole my heart again, who would not wish & will to share a screen with her, was overwhelmed hearing this and I was really pleasure having with her on set, got to learn, and know many more amazing things from her, and we are proud that we really mean a brother-sister to each other. I thank Lalit Dave for giving me this opportunity to have such a great character and also by brother Aakash Dave, who is continuously standing with me.”

The song & the lyrics gave feel as it was sung by Kinjal Dave and would be one of the best songs for the month of Shravan.! It totally described how innocent is the “Shiv Lord”. Today the song has crossed 12 lakh + views and still counting.

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