Janmashtami 2020!! Maara Ghat Maa Birajta Shrinathji by Aishwarya Majmudar is Out Now!!!

Janmashtami 2020!! Maara Ghat Maa Birajta Shrinathji by Aishwarya Majmudar is Out Now!!!

Aishwarya Majmudar, the most versatile voice of India, has again come with a beautiful composition of Gujarati song ‘Mara Ghat Maa Birajta Shrinathji’ on the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami ( lord Krishna’s Birthday). Aishwarya has given her voice to many beautiful and great songs. Her voice has some different kind of sweetness in it, that one will love to listen to the song on repeat!!

Today, She shared an amazing song of lord Krishna in Gujarati on her YouTube channel. She writes,” Happy Janmashtami! ♥️🦚 A Leela that never fails to wow. A tune that never fades from the ear. A रिश्ता that is purer than any other. An emotion, that’s never felt more real. And. A God, who couldn’t have been more Human. Celebrating this song as we bring in yet another Birthday of this माखन चोर! 😍 Hope we all can remain safe under his shadow, and flourish in our own blossoms with his blessing. Jai Shri Krishna ❣️🙏🏻 P.S.: We shot this one while it was raining 🌧 please don’t mind the frizzy hair! ——— Sometimes some people walk into your life, and make their own special place in it. One such person, who I cannot NOT thank, is Mrs Dharini Visana. Loving as can be, she gifted me this Beautiful Bandhani Saree, with gold embroidery and zardozi motifs, specially designed to mean something out of a Poem. And an elaborate Shrinathji image, that rests on the back of its Blouse. Don’t worry auntie. You leave me in good hands. God will be my Third eye 😉 Gorgeously styled and put-together by Designer Mudita Patel. And Mortantra yet again, perfectly embellished the final look. Thank you all you kind hearts for coming together and making this a memory I’ll keep for eternity. The most essential part of this process was choosing the right Song. My Mum, Rima Majmudar, sweeps away the credit unchallenged! You’re my shield and my sword and all that. But most of all, you are my superstar 🙌🏻😘 — We haven’t been able to find the original writer and composer of this song, but wherever you are, this is a Masterpiece! Thank you for this melody! Music produced and re-created by Sanket Khandekar Flute: Shreyas Dave Flute recorded at: Sound Genius Studio By: Darshan Dwivedi.”

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