Ishani Dave’s ‘Pench Ladavi Dau’ is finally out, Check here!

Ishani Dave’s ‘Pench Ladavi Dau’ is finally out, Check here!

Pench Ladavi dau is a song based on Love Story, between two beautiful souls. Due to corona pandemic, this year we are unable to celebrate any of the festivals, but on every different festive our Singers came up with new and interesting songs. Here, the most known singer Ishani Dave released her album song, ‘Pench Ladavi dau’ on the very beautiful occasion of Uttrayan.

The special thing about this song is that the music is provided by Sachin Sanghavi and Jigar Saraiya, the hit music director of Bollywood. The song is beautiful sung by Ishani Dave. Parikshit Tamaliya is beautifully playing the role of co-actor.

The song ‘Pech Ladavi Dau’ is based on Uttarayan and Love Story. The song is featuring the love chemistry of Parikshit Tamaliya and Ishani Dave. The Song is shooted in the Pols of Ahmedabad. Programming is done by Rachintan Trivedi. While the lyrics of the song has been written by Bhargav Purohit and the song has been directed by Pratik Jadhav.

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