Inner-self isolation is more important than self-isolation: Aanshul Trivedi

Inner-self isolation is more important than self-isolation: Aanshul Trivedi

The singer-actor Aanshul Trivedi who is basically from Vadodara, is one of the most handsome personality from Dhollywood. Before this lockdown, he has been shooting for his upcoming movie ‘Kesariya’ starring him, Malhar Thakar and Ritu Bhagwani. But due to this lockdown, shootings have been cancelled.

Anshul Trivedi says,” when the entire world is going through these things, I feel like inner-self isolation is more important than self-isolation. During this lockdown, when I am totally free from my busy schedules, my own self has become my focus. I deliver all my best parts but I feel like I still something is missing and during these times, I stand with a chance to polish that all things. Basically, I am a singer but due to work I don’t get time to do that but now I get back to my Riaz. I had good times with my family after a long break. So for me, inner isolation has become the main part.”

Aanshul gave a positive message, “I know this is a tough time for everyone but we should take care of ourselves. He shared two basic things that the first one should start taking care of their own and their loved ones, we have to become so active and another is everyone should use common sense like the government had provided many remedies to protect yourself from this. Everyone should become protective and active on their own.”

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