Hiren Doshi gave a new direction to the Gujarati web series

Hiren Doshi gave a new direction to the Gujarati web series

It is the generation of Digital. And more and more people are turning towards digital platforms. While we also get to see a lots of changes in entertainment industry. Nowadays Viewers / Users are choosing to watch content on the OTT platform and YouTube. The trend of webseries is growing. Now many makers are also creating webseries in Gujarati Industry. But few of them producers-directors have been successful. One of them successfull producer and director is Hiren Doshi.
Who has given many quality webseries to Gujarati industry.

Hiren Doshi started their journey with “Bas Cha Sudhi” webseries. Which the audience loved so much and after that he has never looked back, till now they have made 3 seasons of “Bas Cha Sudhi” and currently working on season 4 as well as hiren doshi also made “Aavuy Thay” web series and their upcoming webseries is “Prem Puja” which is releasing in near future. Hiren Doshi has just experimented with a new Gujarati web series, The term experiment is used because this is the beginning. However, Hiren Doshi made a name for himself in the world of Gujarati webseries in the last two years. And they’re also getting good response from the audience. While Astha Productions is currently working on creating content on many new topics as well.

As per Hiren Doshi it is very important to be having good contents of web series. Viewers likes it only if every aspect from the story to the actor or acting is strong. Hiren Doshi also said that the content is the biggest lead on digital platforms. And now many makers are working with the same kinds of strategy.

How did this man suddenly jump into this field one day? who has traded in everything from marketing to building materials.

After doing business in various kind of fields, Hiren Doshi finally jump into the film industry as he already had a deep interest in this field. And once he met with music director “Rahul Ramesh” and made a video song with him. Astha production Started their journey with this song, after that Hiren Doshi had never looked back. Currently Aastha Production is working on Several new Projects and taking lead in the world of gujarati web series.

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