Here’s What Motivational Speaker Kiran Khabad Plans to Do to Empower the People in Society

Here’s What Motivational Speaker Kiran Khabad Plans to Do to Empower the People in Society

We live in a world where people are tempted behind the world of corporates and money. On the contrary, several other people are working towards the betterment of society. Giving it back to the people and the society can be done in many ways but the motive should remain the same – to bring an impact on the lives of people by doing extraordinary work. Contributing by doing social work for the development of the country is one of the most valuable things Kiran Khabad has been doing. Born on August 1, 1988, in Pipero village of Dahod district, the passion for social service has been in him through family learning.

Having done an M.A, B.Ed. with English, he always had a thing to contribute to society for the nation’s development. While his mother has been a homemaker who has supported him in several sensitive public issues, his father Bachubhai Khabad has always stood by him for doing public welfare programs. Kiran draws inspiration from his brother Balwantbhai Khabad who is an Executive President of taluka panchayat, Dhanpur, district Dahod. “I have learnt one thing in my life – to make sacrifices for the needy people. My father has been a pioneer in this journey and every day I get to learn new thing from him”, says Kiran.

Besides this, his elder sister who is a primary teacher also helps Kiran in his social works. He believes to motivate people through his speeches and works. “The words have always got a stronger impact on people’s lives. I have given speeches at many events. It has not just inspired people to work hard but also do something for the society. I am already planning to start my own YouTube channel and start posting motivational video podcasts which can reach to a lot of people through the digital medium”, added Khabad. Continuing his father’s legacy of doing public welfare, Kiran Khabad has built a strong reputation among the people as the best motivational figure today.

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