Have a look on Jigardan Gadhvi’s new song “Gujarati hu chu”

Have a look on Jigardan Gadhvi’s new song “Gujarati hu chu”

As we all know 1st May is celebrated as Gujarat foundation day, when it comes to gujarati ,for gujarati people this day was not less then any kind of festival. In Gujarat this day is celebrated with full of fun,unity and laughter. But due to this corona pandemic, every industry or we can say the whole Gujarat is lockdown , during this gujarati’s didn’t get the chance to celebrate. But our well-known singer from dhollywood ,who is also known for his famous song Vahlam-Avo-ne ” Mr. Jigardan Gadhvi had made a beautiful composition which is written and sung by himself named ,’ Gujarati hu chu.’

Jigardan Gadhvi says,” this song is made to grow postive energy in every one who are suffering from this COVID 19 . I dedicate this song to each n every gujarati. I asked my fans and family to send me a small video clip of them and those clips were add to my song . Many of my friends like Kinjal Dave , Pratik Gandhi, Bhoomi Trivedi ,Hemang Dave and others also has covered in that song. With help of my fans and family i had successfully completed this beautiful composition.”

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