Gujarat’s Poly woven Association contributes Rs 2.95 crore to the CM Relief Fund

Gujarat’s Poly woven Association contributes Rs 2.95 crore to the CM Relief Fund

India is currently combating against the novel coronavirus and the confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached more than 8,300. In Gujarat, the deadly virus has got around 468 confirmed cases and people are taking all the necessary precautions to stay away from it. Many people have made contributions and led initiatives to help others in this pandemic. Poly woven Association in Gujarat joins the list among other contributors. The association has extended help by making a donation of Rs 2.95 crore to the CM Relief Fund of the Gujarat government. At this tough time, every contribution is of utmost importance.

The contribution made by Poly woven Association will be used for making Polypropylene (PP) bags and High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bags. The bags will be used for the storage of necessary commodities of food like wheat, rice, dal, sugar, salt and other essential items. Mr Alpesh Patel, the president of Poliwowen Association along with his committee members voluntarily came together for making such a huge donation. The joint effort made by the committee members and Mr Alpesh is surely praiseworthy. World Health Organization (WHO) has rightly encouraged the entire world to help each other during this epidemic.

The initiative was not just led by Mr Alpesh Patel but even by Mr Durlabhji Dethriya in Gujarat. Alpesh urged many other organizations to contribute as much as they can during this pandemic. Patel said, “This is a testing time for all of us. In this unfortunate situation, every contribution is important. No matter how big or small the amount is or what you donate, the only thing that matters is in what capacity people are contributing to save the humankind. Let’s stay united and defeat COVID-19 together.” Apart from this, Polywowen Association has also ensured that it will help the poor and needy people in the best possible way in the time of crisis.

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