Gujarati actress Khushi Shah shares a hard-hitting video on Instagram, urges people to not be fake

Gujarati actress Khushi Shah shares a hard-hitting video on Instagram, urges people to not be fake

In this fast-paced world, it is very difficult to identify what’s real and what’s fake. The same goes for people today. One cannot know if they are real or pretending to be real. While many people think that the year 2020 is cursed, but popular Gujarati actress Khushi Shah has a contrasting opinion to it. The actress recently uploaded an IGTV video on her Instagram page and shared a heartfelt speech. The heart-wrenching video threw light on the reality of life and was viewed by lakhs of people and shared by thousands of users on Instagram. In the video, she was blunt and honest about things in life. Khushi started the video by saying that every year is the same because people are the same as nobody can predict who is real and who is fake. Recently after the sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, many people started talking about mental health.

The actress in her video stated that earlier nobody even bothered to openly speak about the issue of mental health. “Why has it become necessary now?”, asked Khushi. Further, Khushi even went on to reveal that nobody is real in this world including me. She said, “We are in each other’s lives for some motive and some agenda. I won’t name anyone but many people who have been my friends have used me financially, mentally and emotionally”, said the actress in the video. She further said that she does not claim to be real, but at least she has not used anyone for her personal gains. Talking about a popular Hindi saying, she said, “Acche ne accha, bure ne bura jana mujhe, jitni jiski soch thi, usne utna pehchaana mujhe.”

Moreover, the actress urged people to stop back-bitching. According to her, fake people exist in every industry, either Bollywood, Hollywood or Dhollywood for that matter. “I have seen many people say I love you, you are my sweetheart and you have a good heart. I just want to ask those people that do you even mean that? Just stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself about it”, Shah said in the 9-minute long video. She even revealed that earlier nobody knew who she was. After 15 years of hard work, she has made a name for herself and still, people ask her how she got so much success, name, fame and wealth. Besides this, Khushi in the video requested everyone to be a good human being first.

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Lately, the actress has become careful in maintaining friendships. She says she does not need or have 100 friends. “I have one friend who is equal to 100 and I am blessed with it”, she added. She strongly made a request to everyone to appreciate people’s success and not degrade their work. Lastly, Shah even said that she made the video to not hurt anyone’s feelings but to pour out things that had been in her heart. Looks like, the Dhollywood star is very much affected by the dual sides of people in this world. Khushi Shah is a notable name in the Gujarati film industry. Her recent work was a romantic music video titled ‘Tu Hai Or Azmaake Ba Dekhi’ was with Malhar Thakar. She was also seen in some of the hit Gujarati films including ‘Affraa Taffri’, ‘Full Stop’ and a Hindi film ‘Mission London’.

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