Father’s day 2020: Puja Joshi pens down some beautiful feelings for dad!

Father’s day 2020: Puja Joshi pens down some beautiful feelings for dad!

Dhollywood debutant Puja Joshi is a well-known face in the industry. As the world celebrates Father’s Day, we caught up with the actress to know her thoughts about her father. Speaking on the occasion of Father’s Day, Gujarati actress Puja shares her father’s memories.

Puja says, “I have so many great memories with my dad, it is hard to pick just one.

Hanging out with my father has always meant so much to me. I definitely fall into the category of “daddy’s girl”. It’s more of small trivial childhood moments that later grow into great memories.”

Talking about her best memories, she says, “My favourite childhood memory with my father was the time when he would come back from his office after a long day’s work. I would hear his motorcycle roar and go running to him. He would lift me in his arms, and I would ask him in my babyish language as to why he left me in the morning! No wonder we were creating memories to be cherished later on!”

“On the weekends, we use to go on long drives and I use to just get swayed away in my thoughts, listening to his intriguing experiences and stories. Being an Air Force fighter pilot, he had lot many experiences to narrate, including his battle experiences.

No doubt, these were the moments which inspired me to develop a strong love for books and the good reading habit that I developed over a period of time. I will always be thankful to him for making me the person I am today!”,Puja added.

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