Exclusive!! Yoga Day 2020: Actress Khushi Shah spoke about Yoga.

Exclusive!! Yoga Day 2020: Actress Khushi Shah spoke about Yoga.

One of the finest actress, Khushi Shah shared a detail note about yoga on this Yoga day. During these difficult times, one should practice a different kind of meditations to make mind positive and to have good health. According to Khushi Shah, the best way to make our mental and physical health good at a time would be yoga! Yoga is a way which will make our physical health good as well as it will control our mind too. Yoga is also known as the best kind of meditation.

She defines some best kinds of yoga,”1. Vinyasa yoga
Vinyasa means “to place in a special way” and, in this case, yoga postures. 
2. Hatha yoga
The Sanskrit term “Hatha” is an umbrella term for all physical postures of yoga.
3. Iyengar yoga
Iyengar yoga is performed as a variety of postures while controlling the breath.
4. Kundalini yoga
Kundalini yoga practice is equal parts spiritual and physical.
5. Ashtanga yoga
In Sanskrit, Ashtanga is translated as “Eight Limb path.”
8. Restorative yoga
Restorative yoga focuses on winding down after a long day and relaxing your mind
9. Prenatal yoga
Prenatal yoga is carefully adapted for “moms to be” and is tailored to women in all trimesters. Many have said that prenatal is one of the best types of exercise for expectant moms”

Talking about benefits, the actress says,” Yoga has many different benefits while focusing on the physical health, here are some best benefits which I personally feel!
1-increased flexibility
2-increased muscle strength and tone
3-improved respiration, energy and vitality 4-maintaining a balanced metabolism
5-weight reduction
6-cardio and circulatory health
7-improved athletic performance”

Khushi further added, “The longest journey of any person is the journey inward. Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” 

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