Exclusive!! Top 5 favourite songs of The Birthday Boy – Jainam Modi!!

Exclusive!! Top 5 favourite songs of The Birthday Boy – Jainam Modi!!

When a musician listens to a song on repeat, it’s not only about the voice of the singer or the lyrics. The reasons are beyond these; the reasons are hidden in the melody, in the violin part that we miss out or in the unique essence the songs bring with them.
Jainam Modi from Meghdhanush is a passionate musician and a connoisseur of classic music. On his birthday, we discuss 5 of his favourite songs.

1-Aaj Jaage Rehna by Siddharth Amit Bhavsar and Himani Kapoor:-
Being a close friend of Siddharth, Jainam had listened to the song way before it got released. When the song came out, Jainam was more excited than the artists because he wanted everyone to feel the emotions that this song makes him feel even today. He listens to this magical piece whenever he is alone.

2- Dil Beparvah by Prateek Kuhad and Ankur Tiwari:-
This is his current favourite. It’s not just the feel of the song that he is fan of but also the music production. The one thing that excites Jainam the most in music is music production. According to Jainam, this song is a perfectly produced song – every instrument, every tune and every sound is at the right place.

3-Gilehriyaan by Jonita Gandhi :-
Jainam has been a fan of Jonita Gandhi even before she entered the playback scene. He loves her voice and the soul she gives to her songs. Now friends with Jonita, Jainam feels that this solo piece by her perfectly brings out the essence of the beautiful soul that Jonita is.

4-Behney Do by Indian Ocean:-
Being a bass guitarist, Jainam is a huge fan of Indian Ocean especially Rahul Ram. This song is his go-to check song before every performance. We don’t know if it’s the composition or the sheer brilliance of Indian Ocean that Jainam loves but he surely sings this once before starting his energetic performance.

5-Duur by Strings and Maeri by Euphoria:-
The last one is a tough tie between these two indie classics. Both of these songs are an inspiration to Jainam whenever he creates music. He says that the way both the songs are arranged is something that all bands strive for. The genius of these songs encourages Jainam to be better every day.

Let’s celebrate Jainam Modi’s birthday and his passion for unique, soulful and experimental music with these 5 best form his toplisted songs.

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