Exclusive! Puja Joshi talks about her skin and hair care routine during the lockdown

Exclusive! Puja Joshi talks about her skin and hair care routine during the lockdown

To live with the COVID-19 pandemic is pretty hard for everyone to deal with. Due to this lockdown, everyone’s daily schedule has been changed. We deal with the disturbed sleep cycle, stress, untimely eating, and damages to skin and hair. So here Puja Joshi shared her daily routine for her skin, hair, and health which was easy and normally based on kitchen ingredients. She says,” if we have all basic kitchen ingredients then who needs salon”.

Pooja says about her morning routine that, “The first thing I do when I wake up is to pray and express my gratitude for the new day ahead. After that, I continue with my routine chores – starting with a cup of green tea, which instantly refreshes me. This is followed by a workout session. I do a few rounds of Suryanamaskars and practice Yoga followed by some stretching exercises every day.”

Talking about her daily diet she says, “I am strictly against dieting and truly believe in a wholesome balanced diet. I follow a nutritious diet which includes green vegetables and a lot of fruits. I absolutely avoid oily food, junk, and aerated drinks. I take 4 meals a day and prefer not to eat 2 hours prior to bed.” Further, She added, “In this lockdown, I am trying my best to improve my immunity. I drink lukewarm lemon water twice a day, and end my day with turmeric milk before going to bed.”

She shared her daily skincare routine adding, “I avoid using chemical products on my skin as much as I can. I love natural face packs that I usually rustle up from my kitchen. I make sure to wash my face with cold water at least thrice a day. I also moisturize my skin regularly. Honey and coconut oil are the best moisturizers. My favorite face pack includes sandalwood, turmeric and milk.”

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