Exclusive! Music Day 2020: Jainam Modi shared his feelings for Music

Exclusive! Music Day 2020: Jainam Modi shared his feelings for Music

Jainam Modi is a well-known music composer, director and written from Dhollywood. He has marked his name in D-town by giving many beautiful songs. Jainam is also much popular among all for his band ‘The Meghdhanush’. Today, on this occasion of Music Day, he shared his feelings and emotions for the music.

Music, as Plato said, ‘gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination, and Life to Everything.’ Jainam says,” For me, music is the same. It gives my life a beautiful reason and my actions a wonderful expression. Being a musician was never my first choice. However, when I started learning it, practising it, and enjoying it, it embraced me and let me dissolve into its magic. I consider myself lucky to have been blessed by the Almighty and to have been given the opportunity to create music and bring happiness into people’s lives.”

Jainam further added,” Music is important. I mean, see around you. People listen to music while cooking, running on the treadmill, while taking an evening stroll, while working, and also while doing nothing. It proves how beautiful it makes our life. Someone once asked me, What would you do if there was no music in your life? Frankly, I can’t think of a life without it. It is a part of my existence and connects me to my soul. I can’t imagine the world without some tunes in it.”

“It is the best companion, it has a solution to everything in its sounds and words, and it will be with you in every phase of your life.

Cheers, this day. Cheers to Music.” Jainam added.

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