Director Dhruwal Patel on his Journey, Upcoming Projects and how he is coping up with the Lockdown

Director Dhruwal Patel on his Journey, Upcoming Projects and how he is coping up with the Lockdown

Dhruwal Patel started his journey at an early age with photography and his first professional gig was when he landed a job as a wedding photographer. And that was Dhruwal’s first income, a mere 500 rupees.

With time, he ventured into fashion photography and he did well. During this time of his career , he made a short film for his friend, which went on to be his first experience with movie images, i.e., Films. And what started as a favor for a friend became a passion and this is when Dhruwal knew he had to follow this path.
“If you are truthful and committed to your passion, success comes walking towards you”, Dhruwal is the living example of this quote. He is achieving his dreams of filmmaking while also giving his best to his audience
Upcoming Projects

Right now Dhruwal is working with many Bollywood singers and artists for upcoming music videos. Update regarding that will be out soon. He and his team are planning to do some of these shoot overseas. Although it’s going to take some time but there’s a plan for a Gujarati Movie and web series too.

Time utilization during Lockdown period

Amidst the busy schedule and fast city life, Dhruwal rarely had time for himself but due to this lockdown, he has a lot of time to dedicate to himself. He is doing so by exploring himself and learning new and exciting ways to please his audience. Learning is a constant work and being aware of this fact, Dhruwal is spending most of his time in educating himself and doing research related to his work, following the latest trend in the Film industry/language.
An artist cannot live without doing his art, and he is doing just that by using the limited resources at home for making short videos.


Dhruwal mantra; “It’s not about selling. It’s about creating value for your audience“.
For Dhruwal, his focus has always been on delivering the best content to his audience, without compromising with the finance of the project and for him, the biggest achievement of all is the love and appreciation he gets from his audience.
He believes that it was the audience love and prayers that got him from doing Gujarati music albums to now working with big industry artists like Darshan Raval, Sanam, Sonu Kakkar, Shirley Setia, Ash king among others. If one was to give a rough number then Dhruwal has done about 125 music videos and more than 250 TVCs, as of date.

Some of his latest works include;
• BAARISH with Mahira Sharma & Paras Chabbra, both being really popular on Big Boss 13. The song was by Sonu Kakkar and Tony Kakkar.
• -BHULA DUNGA with Siddharth Shukla, the Winner of Bigg Boss 13 and Sehnaaz Gil, another popular figure from Big Boss. It is a song by Darshan Raval, which has been breaking lots of international records on YouTube and Twitter along with major trends.
• -YAADEIN with Avitesh Shrivastav, son of the musical legend Aadesh Shrivastav. The song has been praised by Amitabh Bachchan ji.

However, the work Dhurwal finds most satisfying is when he gets to work in his beloved language, GUJARATI. And he shows this love by making a lot of Gujarati music videos during Navratri.

And for all of this and everything he has achieved, he is only grateful.

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