Dhunki completed one year with full of warm memories!!!!

Dhunki completed one year with full of warm memories!!!!

Dhunki completed its one year journey with full of amazing reviews and memories. Anish Shah, the director of this beautiful movie had paired Pratik Gandhi and Deeksha Joshi in lead roles followed by Vishal Shah and Kaushambi Bhatt in the pivotal characters.

Pratik Gandhi had played a character of Nikunj, who is much interested in cooking and starts up his own tiffin business, the story keeps the audience engaged with a lot of twists and turns. The movie is basically a story of one’s love towards his own work.

Deeksha Joshi who is a well-known face of the industry had played a role of Nikunj’s best friend, who is constantly standing with him in his business. Deeksha, who is known as Shreya in the movie had been working in an office but after hearing Nikunj’s business, she went with him to work in her own start-up.

Pratik Gandhi and other stars of the film shared the post on their social media stories, as the film completed one year. Vishal Shah wrote: More Than 2 Years of struggle, souls invested by everyone in the team, numerous messages and love of fans, one journey, one year of @DHUNKIFILM…Thankyou and love to everyone who made this possible. Pratik Gandhi had shared the poster of Dhunki on his social media as it completed this beautiful journey of one year.

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