Designer Krupa Thaker and Kushi Shah spill the beans on the designing of ‘Nayika Devi’ look

Designer Krupa Thaker and Kushi Shah spill the beans on the designing of ‘Nayika Devi’ look

Since its release, ‘Nayikadevi- The Warrior Queen’ has been creating a stir with its larger than life drama, dialogues, background score, and songs. However, costumes play an important role in every film. Khushi Shah has wowed everyone with her unique look in this historical drama. To know more about the actress’ costumes and styling in the film ETimes contacted Khushi and her designer Krupa Thaker to learn about her styling in detail.
Khushi Shah expresses, “Fashion is one subject with multiple definitions. For me, it’s all about glamour and at the same time being comfortable and confident. And being in this industry and representing it takes a lot, you always have to look your best. There’s only one stop for all my fashion solutions. Those who know me know that Krupa Thaker has been my personal favorite for the kind of human she is and for the outstanding work that she’s doing. She is the best designer in Ahmedabad. Krupa knows me and my style better than me at times.”

The actress adds about her choice for designing her costumes, “For ‘Nayikadevi- The Warrior Queen’, I couldn’t have thought of any other designers than Krupa Thaker. It was just one phone call and she was ready to jump into this adventure with us. She did complete research on the history, the culture, the rituals, the lifestyle, everything. It took about one and a half years to finalize the complete look of Nayikadevi, be it the outfits or the jewelry. She managed it so well that nothing bothered me during the shoot. The quality of the fabrics, the color, the work, it was all just perfect. Usually, such heavy fabrics work make you uncomfortable but here I didn’t feel any discomfort wearing those outfits all day, doing my fighting scenes, or even while riding the horse. She gave her full 100% to this project, and her efforts are very well seen in the movie. I am so grateful to have her in my life. It’s not just with Nayikadevi but also my casual, traditional, Indo western style by her.”
Krupa Thaker talks about her experience designing Nayikadevi, “‘Nayikadevi- The Warrior Queen’ has been a special project that my Design House has been part of. It was one hell of an experience, starting from doing all the historic research, setting the color palette, fixing silhouettes, the fabric, and the work.

Also, the task was to ensure the comfort of outfits for Khushi Shah. To represent Nayikadevi’s story, her life before marriage, after marriage, her strength, and her dedication towards Patan are already very inspiring. Every phase of her life had a different story to tell.”

She explains how she goes about designing the outfits, “I cannot think of anyone else to portray the legend than Khushi Shah herself. We did our research study for her look, the authentic Paithani saree for her independent self that she was before her marriage, for her ‘Patan ni Maharani’ look we went with patola fabrics with brighter Rajputani lehenga set with all golden zari and gota Patti work. We opted for a brighter natural color palette, mustard, maroon, rani pink, green etc.”

“As the story progresses and she becomes a widow, we had planned a nice subtle looks with white saree for the character. For the war look, we went for red color, the color that depicts anger, and destruction as it goes with the mood board of the particular war scene. Among all these looks, it was very important for us to make Khushi Shah comfortable and equally confident. The whole movie has lots of action sequences, horse riding and so to make it easier for Khushi Shah to be able to do all the needs in those outfits, was our main motto. And we are glad that Khushi Shah has done it very gracefully and perfectly. But we have tried our best to respect the ancient culture and managed to represent it in our way. We are very much thankful to the producer and the actress, for this opportunity, ” Krupa smiles and signs off the exclusive conversation.

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